Reminiscent Classes at a Glance

We offer several classes to suit your desired educational preference. They are as follows: Caregivers, Community, and the Church (Faith Communities). Dr. Tann is the instructor for the enumerated classes. She brings over 30 years of classroom experience to the table. Dr. Tann originally began her classroom work in higher education. She taught Political Science at the community college and university level. She parlayed that experience into the planning, implementation, execution, and evaluating for efficacy, a Christian school called Genesis.She experienced many great exploits and accolades at Genesis including but not limited to “Small Business of the Year.” Dr.  Tann is most recognized for her ability to communicate succinctly, disseminate powerful and relevant educational information, a coalition builder, and above all, a professional who chooses not to compromise standards of educational excellence. She is also a servant leader, concerned advocate for other social justice issues, and a Christian. During the last 5 years, Dr. Tann has dedicated her professional life to dementia education, research, and serves on the front lines of organizations at the local, state, and national levels that are dementia mindful. She seeks to influence others, who find it paramount to better understand dementia. Consider indulging in class with Dr. Tann in the area of Alzheimer’s and related dementias.


This is an extended course for caregivers. It is a in depth exploration of Alzheimer’s and related dementias featuring a tailored curriculum. Caregivers are usually responsible for the entire care for a loved one with dementia and often without much assistance. This class will prove to be encouraging, enlightening, and empowering. You will undeniably walk away with a toolbox of techniques to better help one thrive as a caregiver. The class at times will be tearful, joyful, strengthening, collaborative, educational, and highly participatory. The environment will be conducive to confidentiality and professionalism. Attendees will experience the Virtual Dementia Tour upon completion of their course work and a certificate of completion.


Individuals from the community are welcome to take this short class on dementia. The class will paint a picture of dementia and the significance of brain health. It is quintessential for individuals in the community to have a basic framework of dementia; so as to recognize and help those people living with dementia. You will depart the course with knowledge you either never knew or thought you knew about dementia. Upon completion, you may experience the complimentary Virtual Dementia Tour and you will receive a certificate of completion.

Church (Faith Communities)

The church is a phenomenal place to begin the discussion of dementia. Why you may ask? As you read these lines, there are several individuals in the congregation who have dementia. Church leaders especially should be equipped to cope with families facing this dreadful disease. Congregants must know they and their loved one will be supported during their journey at their place of worship. Christ desires of us to make meaningful connections in spite of ones’ cognitive abilities. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. 1 Corinthians 13:7 NLT  Upon completion you will receive a complimentary Virtual Dementia Tour and certificate of completion.


  • In an effort to maximize and receive the complete educational impact of dementia, one can only experience the Virtual Dementia Tour after class completion.
  • Churches (Faith Communities), Civic Groups, Business Owners, and the like are welcome to experience a dementia course, Virtual Dementia Tour, and become recognized, advertised and certified as part of our Dementia Friendly Community initiative in Valdosta/Lowndes County.
  • On campus classes and other programs are free unless otherwise stipulated. Reminiscent operates solely upon donations, grants, purchases of tee shirts, and all annual fundraising efforts.