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Through Medicaid, if you live with your caregiver, they can get paid to take care of you!

BrightFocus Annual Report

Department of Aging Pennsylvania FTD Conference


The Global Council on Brain Health, which is a collaborative of AARP paid homage towards the advocacy work by Reminiscent in Valdosta, GA.

This recognition can be located on page 30 #4.

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Journalistic  Powerhouse Meryl Comer and Dr. Debra Tann

In this episode of Brainstorm, host Meryl Comer speaks with author @DebraonDementia. about juggling her advocacy work while caring for her husband with #dementia at home.

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A Conversation with Black Male Caregivers

Slide Deck – Black Male Dementia Caregivers

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Brain Health, Memory Loss & Dementia

Frontotemporal Dementia at the AFTD Conference 2023 in St. Louis, Missouri

Calling All Voices

Calling All Voices series provides the opportunity to hear and learn from the diverse perspectives of people living with dementia and their care partners from communities that are marginalized, underserved, and unheard.

Black Community Voices

Your voice is needed. | Valene Campbell

It was important to take time for myself. | Will Smith

I decided to get involved. | Terrie Montgomery

It is very important to get information out about living with dementia. | Chris Tann

It is not a Black or a White disease. Dementia affects everyone. | Gretchen Carter Lowery

LGBTQ+ Community Voices

Life doesn’t stop because you have dementia. | Susan Balkman

We’re all strong, we just don’t realize it at times. | Patrick Ettenes

There is time to live now. | Melissa Hamkins and Meredith Hunt

A story to share with the world. | Mary Beth Wighton and Dawn Baxter

I want to educate people. | John-Richard Pagan

The importance of having a community. | Brian VanBuren

Crisis Guide for Caregivers

his guide covers the most common crisis situations and offers tips for preventing them.

Pathways to Well Being with Dementia

As a dementia advocate, this manual is strongly recommended as it embraces my three cornerstones: encouragement, empowerment, and education.

Healthy To A Hundred: Karen Love of Dementia Action Alliance On 5 Things You Need To Live A Long, Healthy, & Happy Life

What is Young-Onset Dementia? In this 4 minute clip, explore its effects.

Brain Info Live features experts, film clips, and healthy living tips for viewers, living with, or supporting those with dementia.

Dementia Words Matter: Guidelines on language about dementia

Dr. Debra Tann Untangles The Race of Dementia: Care, Cure and Disparity

Listen to Dr. Debra Tann’s podcast featured on

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Brian Van Buren: Early detection is key when it comes to Alzheimer’s

Early detection is key when it comes to Alzheimer’s. We are thankful for Brian Van Buren  for sharing his story.
The platform is Brain Guide from @usagainstalz (on Twitter) and it is a free platform that provides you with the knowledge and resources to take the best next steps in managing your own or your loved ones brain health. ⁠

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UsAgainst Alzheimer's

HYHAGreg tweet

Video on The Race of Dementia by Debra Tann, Ed.D.

Your Eyes and Brain

alzheimers guide

Brain Info Live Interview with Dr Debra Tann and Dr. Susan Wehry

Watch Brain Info live – Dr. Debra Tann interviews Dr. Susan Wehry, MD – Chief of Geriatrics, University of New England.

Calling All Voices

The “Calling All Voices” project was a collaboration with Dementia Action Alliance, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, and the High Lantern Group. The aforementioned organizations wanted to hear the Black perspective as it relates to dementia. I, (Debra Tann) was called upon as a dementia consultant to facilitate all interviews for the project. We experienced incredible dialogue which has manifested in this spot on White Paper entitled “Calling All Voices.” It was my distinct honor to interview all participants. I laud their transparent courage to share their personal journey to educate the masses on dementia. Stay tuned for the podcast version of “Calling All Voices.”