Greetings unto you my friend! My name is Dr. Debra Tann, and for the past seven years, I have committed my life’s work to the advocacy of Alzheimer’s and related dementias. My calling is to educate, empower, and encourage those in our community and at-large. Reminiscent is the name of the business. Why the name Reminiscent you may ask? Operationally defined, it is an awakening of memories of something similar; suggestive (usually followed by of); her afro is reminiscent of the 1970s. The word reminiscent is an adjective. Individuals living with dementia often reminiscence or find themselves reminiscent of their past. Often they are comfortable in their past; so they may live in a reminiscent state of mind. While the name is germane, the subtleness of its sound is befitting to our mission. Reminiscent is a 501(C)3.

Dr. Debra Tann

My Story…Could easily be your story…

A family member had dementia! When a diagnosis is given you simply do not know what to do, what to think, where to go, or what to say. Seemingly, when a doctor provides melancholic medical news such as Cancer, they generally sit with you, they may even hold your hand, provide Kleenex for your tears/nose, offer any optimistic medical advances, and provide morale and support. Additionally, you often leave the office with written materials to read about your medical condition and options. Typically the experience is the antithesis with a dementia diagnosis. When you leave the doctor’s office with a dementia diagnosis; what extensive information are you told? Are you medically guided? What are the next steps? Any resources provided unto you? Most importantly, how did you feel and how were you comforted? In my book entitled The Race of Dementia; my opening chapter deals with the many questions I pondered and how they were laced with no answers. My grandmother and my mother offered me no explanation other than my great-grandmother was “senile.” Unbeknownst to myself at the time, my great-grandmother, was experiencing what I now believe to be Alzheimer’s dementia. During this not so long ago era and perhaps even now, people quickly conclude one is either senile or crazy when it comes to dementia. Neither of the two words accurately describes a person living with the illness. Join me in the discovery of dementia and let me be the first to tell you; dementia is not a disease!

Dr. Tann’s Dementia Bio


The Race of Dementia   9/2020


Caregivers Cruise “Fantastic Voyage”    2/2024

Alzheimer’s Disease International  Conference  Krakow, Poland  4/2024

Masquerade Casino Night     11/2024

Research Presentation  Acceptance  AlzEurope   Helsinki, Finland   10/2023

Project Manager   Calling All Voices, AAPI & Latinos communities   8/2023

National Award   Dementia Impact Advocacy Award   BrightFocus Foundation   6/2023

Board of Director    Dementia Action Alliance   1/2023

Community Event    Health Fair     1/2023

Georgia State University Research Team    Slip & Fall Prevention   3/2022

In-Person & Online Caregiver’s Support Group & In-Person Memory Cafe (ongoing)

Women’s Fitness Challenge for Brain & Heart Health  (ongoing)

Georgia’s Dementia Traveling Library Host (ongoing)

Georgia State University Instructor, Graduate & Undergraduate Dementia Educator (ongoing)

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