2022 Pet Calendar Fundraiser

We are now accepting entries into our 2022 Pet Calendar Contest.

Any pet can be entered as long as the registration fee is paid.

The 2022 Calendar winners is established by the People’s Choice. The 12 pets with the most votes wins!

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Enter Your Pet in the Contest

VOTE for Your Favorite Pet

The voting button will be active on May 15th.


This is a non refundable registration fee for entering your pet into the 2022 Pet Calendar contest. If your pet receives the most votes, they will be featured in our 2022 Pet Calendar.

This is how it works:

  • Pay the registration fee.
  • Submit a photo of your pet, with ONLY ONE pet in it. *** See photo requirements below.
  • 2 sentences to describe your pet’s personality.
  • Wait for your image to be uploaded, then tell your friends and family to go vote.
  • Each vote is a donation of $5.     $5 = 1 vote.

***Photo requirements:

The photo of your pet needs to be a high resolution image.

If you take the image with your cell phone, we will need the original sized photo. Not one that has been texted or screenshot (when you do either of these, it compresses the image and will not print well). To send an original image on your phone, go to your email and attach the image and email it to us. Once you pay the fee, you will receive the email to send the high resolution image to.

The photo can not be a printed image or scanned in, it has to be in a digital format taken with a high resolution cell phone or digital camera. Submitted to us as a .jpeg or .png that can be emailed.

The photo can be of your animal dressed up, posing, or playing, but it MUST be clear. Also if you can try to get your pet in the center of the photo taken in the landscape view (with a phone turned sideways), and allow space on each side for cropping. If your photo doesn’t meet the requirements, it will not be accepted and you will be given one more opportunity to submit one that does, within 24 hours of notification.

By submitting payment you are agreeing to the terms of the contest.

Accepting Photos  – May 1 – June 30
Voting – May 15 – July 15
Announcements of Winners – July 31

Pet Calendar Fundraiser

Keep track of the pets that are leading in the contest on our facebook page.


Example Pet 1  – Meet Butch

2 sentences to describe your pet’s personality.